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Steve Earle wtih Rex Foster
Steve Earle and Rex Foster
April 9, 1999
Crusty, Steve Earle
Seņor Crusty, Steve Earle
Ruthie & the Wranglers
Ruthie and the Wranglers
March 19, 1999
Debbie Jecker, Conqueso, Jellyroll
Debbie Jecker, Johnny Conqueso,
Jellyroll - Pledge Drive 1999
TV Pledge Drive 99
Pledge Drive '99..
Jimmy James
Jimmy James
Pledge Drive 99
Joe X, Iron John, Crusty
Smoking Deck, end of
Pledge Drive 99
It's been a long week...
Crusty, Mr O.
Mr O. at work, taking pledges..

KSYM Studio
last night of Pledge Drive '99

Joe X, Jimmy James
Joe X, Jimmy James

Johnny Conqueso
Johnny Conqueso

Bubba during Pledge Drive '99